Intelligence Revolution: A New Age of Opportunity

The Intelligence Revolution will impact the workplace – smart computers, networks, robotics, automation, machine learning – will raise important questions for organizations and in particularly for their Human Resource departments. Don't miss Bill's presentation at the 2018 HRPA Annual Conference

Preparing for an Intelligence-Driven Future

Bill Greenhalgh explains that AI, robotics, machine learning all have huge implications for the future of work, what the will look like, how to plan for it and win in an Intelligence-driven future. 

It's Time to Dream Again

Throughout history change has always been driven by big dreams. With the structural changes HRPA has implemented, its new regulatory act, professional competency framework, global HR initiatives and research into the future of work, it is time to for the HR profession to dream again. 

Defining Professionalism

Human Resources is coming of age and has the potential to become a true profession. But what are the attributes that signify true professionalism? What do medicine, engineering, and accounting all have in common that the human resources profession needs to attain to realize its full potential.

Journey toward Professionalization of HR

Bill Greenhalgh discusses HRPA's efforts to put into place the elements necessary to establish human resources as a top tier profession: public act, regulatory infrastructure, professional competency framework and professional certifications aligned with that framework; rigorous validation of capability, etc.